Turns out getting information in and out of the north is quite
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Turns out getting information in and out of the north is quite
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He made North Korea the most secretive country on earth but a few citizen journalists risk their lives to defy it.We’re on patrol with the world’s only female peacekeeping units, in a country where police can’t be trusted with guns.What happens to the goat you bought from that charity for a needy village?A Canadian filmmaker treks to Africa to find his.We’re also in Haiti, where education is rising from the wreckage.One man’s fight against sex trafficking in the Philippines. When to kick, when to run.Listen to the program now (left canada goose black friday click)Listen to individual items from the programDownload the podcast (right click: save target as)The death of the despotic Kim Jong il is one of the few truths the state has ever reported to North Koreans.Like food and human rights, accurate information is scarce in one of what’s long been one of the most secretive countries in the world.The situation was made worse this year, with a new law that jails any citizen who telephones anybody outside the country, and banishes their family to internal exile.And some already have, according to the Daily NK, a website based in Seoul, South Korea.It’s one of several new media organizations trying to crack the information barricade Kim Jong il has erected around his repressive regime.Turns out getting information in and out of the north is quite a cloak and dagger process, as journalist Robert S. Boynton writes in this month’s edition of The Atlantic magazine..

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