For 3 Unit
with 2.5 x 5.2 Sq m
By Parkplus

“Tripark” ระบบจอดรถแบบไฮโดรลิค Multiple Stacker สามารถจอดรถได้มากถึง 3 คันในเนื้อที่สำหรับ 1 ช่องจอดเท่านั้น เหมาะสำหรับดีลเลอร์รถยนต์ หรือ โรงงาน ติดตั้งง่าย และสามารถรับน้ำหนักของรถยนต์ได้มากถึง 2,500 กก. ต่อชั้น

Tripark proves extremely useful when you need to park several cars in extremely limited space. The unit is quite compact and takes up very little space.
The photo shows how quickly and effectively up to three cars can be parked in a space that had previously held only one. Moreover, the individual platforms can bear loads of up to 2.500 Kg. and thus can handle any vehicle currently on the market.
The photo shows the sequence by which the lower platform picks up the top platform — the so-called package system — highlighting just how compact the product is, even during movement. In practice, once the underlying vehicles have been removed, to lower the last vehicle to ground level, the first platform is raised until it engages the second, higher one. This is the only way to release the upper platform. This operating sequence has been designed to ensure utmost safety.
The vehicle is then taken off the upper platform, using the supplied ramp which is one with the upper platform, thus making the operation quite easy.
The pushbutton control panel can be positioned on either of the two columns or in some other position to meet customer needs and facilitate operations.
The torsion bar system has two racks (one per column), two notched pinions (one on each end) and the torsion bar itself. The torsion bar system serves to ensure horizontal stability of the platforms, even when the weight is off-center. The system distributes the weights evenly on the columns and pistons, thus preventing uneven exertion on machine symmetry.
This detail of the torsion bar support shows that the position of the pinion vs. the rack can be adjusted by shifting the support.
The machine has a system of photocells to control positioning of the vehicles on the platforms. This system significantly enhances product safety and prevents damage between platforms when vehicles are on-board.
The system works with a light emitting source and reflector set on the opposite side, thus forming a barrier. When the ray is interrupted, the platform stops immediately.
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