The network collects patient canada goose outlet black friday
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The network collects patient canada goose outlet black friday
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canada goose deals The amount of data being collected is almost inconceivable, and only the combined skills of medical professionals, signal processing engineers, canada goose outlet online store review computer scientists, experts in genomics and bioinformatics and others can make sense of it all.A number of medical researchers at Queen’s are on the forefront of this canada goose outlet woodbury multidisciplinary “big data” work in canada goose jacket outlet uk Canada. We feature two of them here.Richard Birtwhistle is canada goose outlet uk a professor in the Queen’s Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences, the director of the university’s Centre canada goose outlet in usa for Studies in Primary Care, and the chair and canada goose outlet new york principal investigator of the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN). The network collects patient canada goose outlet black friday sale information stored in electronic medical records (EMR) of primary care practitioners across Canada. canada goose deals

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