SP Series
For 1+ Unit
with N/A Sq m
SP Series
By Parkplus

Playdetectors with 2 (SP2B -SPC2B) or 4 (SP4B -SPC4B) movements


Cars:SP2B and SP4B (2 or 4 movements) installed on the lift
SPC2B and SPC4B (2 or 4 movements) installed on the pitThe play detector plates come with 2 or 4 movements and are hydraulic.
They are placed under the wheels of the vehicle which needs testing to visually check
the play in the wheel couplings – bearings, rods, steering, etc.…
• manual valve for adjusting the thrust force, with pressure gauge to display
the operating pressure
• push-button panel on the torch made from shockproof plastic, with halogen
• 10m long torch cable connected to the control unit using a special safety
• 4/8 working combinations with alternating frequency of movement, set by
the operator
• same speed of movement in both directions, longitudinal and transversal
• low voltage power supply to the lamp and control buttons
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