Established since 70s, O.ME.R is the No.1 brand in ITALY with more than 60 international patents on both parking machine and auto hoist. For 30 years OMER have been tailoring parking machine to fit all clients desire globally (all continent).

We have established a tight partnership with O.ME.R for almost 20 years. We have worked together to earn trust and relationship from our existing clients.

More about O.ME.R

O.ME.R, a leading Company in vehicles lifting field, born in the seventies thanks to the skill and determination of its founder: Mr. Eride Rossato, Cav., Who has been working worldwide showing his consistently great passion in creating, offering machines and solutions of a high standard. O.ME.R is a modern and fully equipped company, based in Mirano (Venice) developing in two industrial buildings for total 30,000m2 cooperating in good synergy with several selected outsourcers.

O.ME.R. is a Company with a story having its own ‘brand awareness’ and the ability to merge the research of quality into innovating solutions, getting more than 60 international patents and offering a selection of products that are suitable for every market requirement. O.ME.R’s products are able to satisfy any need, even the more sophisticated and personalized one, both for what it concerns vehicles lifting platforms (lifting capacity from 500kgs up to 52,000kgs) and parking systems (double car parking systems, multi level car parking platforms, robotized or fully automated car parking systems).

A firm focalization on customer needs and product, an unmistakable style and the experienced ‘know-how’ coming from a 30 year activity, are O.ME.R’s strong points that gave an added value based on its decennial ‘brand heritage’ and solid reputation.
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