Mr Javid would be the first Prime Minister representing a West
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Mr Javid would be the first Prime Minister representing a West
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buy moncler jackets HomeNewsUK World NewsWho could replace Theresa May as Prime Minister?Foreign Secretary and Brexit Secretary David Davis have both resignedForeign Secretary and Brexit Secretary David Davis have both moncler outlet usa resigned.Assuming she quits before the next general moncler outlet store election, the next Prime Minister will be another Conservative. That means they will be chosen by Tory MPs and party members.Of course, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn might become Prime Minister before long, if Labour wins the next general election.But it still seems likely that he won’t be moncler outlet woodbury Prime Minister immediately after Theresa May.The funniest memes, jokes and reactions as resigns from cabinetPolling company YouGov has been asking Conservatives who they want as their next leader, moncler jackets outlet online and here are the results:Sajid JavidThe most popular potential replacement for Theresa May is Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary and MP for Bromsgrove.YouGov found 62 per cent of party members believed he would make a good leader.Aged 48, he’s the son of a bus driver from Rochdale.Mr Javid would be the first Prime Minister representing a West Midlands buy moncler jackets toronto seat since Anthony Eden, who represented Warwick and Leamington.She’s a liberal minded centre ground Tory who is having a baby with her same sex partner. In the EU referendum she backed the remain campaign.. buy moncler jackets

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