MPSystem is another one of our important partner who has common vision with us in thriving to offer a better Parking solution for Thai people.

With more than 40 years of success, MPSystem have been implementing their systems in Korean and various oversea countries. Specializing in mega projects and creating more than 100 car park units, MPSystem also have their unique technology and system which maximize the available space to maximized the car park units.

MPSystem maximized usable space for parking vehicles in commercial, residential and general use environments in taking the  process of parking a vehicle. MPSystem automated parking system technology accommodates more vehicles in lesser space by eliminating the need for conventional garage driveways, ramps, passenger elevators, stairway, and other infrastructure, which allows these space to be used as parking.

The system can also be customized and design to fit your needs as this could maximize the potential for sometimes restrictive building footprints, and could also increase the capacity in the areas which the construction of the conventional parking may not even be possible.

Since their founding, MPSystem has placed customer satisfaction as its highest priority. From design to installation to regular maintenance, our engineers  and technicians specialized in maximizing space potential and ensuring that our automated parking system not only park more vehicles in lesser space, – but do so quickly, safety, and consistently.

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