For fiscal 2007, the company reiterated its prior earnings view
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For fiscal 2007, the company reiterated its prior earnings view
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Let’s start with the basics: What the hell is a bachelor party (or stag/buck party) anyway, and why do men reportedly spend an average of $1,532 on each one they attend? “A proper bachelor party is a rite of passage that’s less about machismo and more about bonding with close friends and family,” says Chris Easter, co founder of The Man Registry, an online resource for grooms that features wedding tips, advice and gifts for men. “It’s part of the larger wedding celebration and honoring the next phase of life that the groom is about to embark on. Of course, you’ll still have these same friends after the wedding, but opportunities for these types of gatherings become less frequent the older we get.”.

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monlcer down jackets Go in with a fresh mind. Don take lists based on other people preferences. You get a good idea on your own of which is the right fit. March 21 (Reuters) moncler outlet Citi Trends Inc.Citi Trends said it expects first quarter earnings of 44 cents to 49 cents a share. Analysts were expecting earnings of 55 cents a share, before exceptional items, according to Reuters Estimates.Citi Trends, which operates 277 stores, said the calendar shift in 2007 has the potential effect of reducing comparable store sales by up to 4 percent in the first quarter.The 13 week first quarter of 2007 starts and ends one week later than last year first quarter, the company said moncler outlet prices in a statement.Fourth quarter net income rose to $10.4 million, or 73 cents, from $7.9 million, or 55 cents a share, a year ago. Net sales rose 30.9 percent to $126.8 million.Analysts on average had expected Citi Trends to earn 69 cents a share before exceptional items, on revenue of $125.3 million for the latest fourth quarter.For fiscal 2007, the company reiterated its prior earnings view of $1.73 to $1.77 per share, compared with analysts view of $1.78.The outlook was based on a low single digit increase in comparable store sales and opening of 46 to 48 discount moncler jackets new stores, the company said.Shares of the company fell about 4 percent to $42.50 in late electronic trade, after closing up at $44.15 on moncler sale the Nasdaq monlcer down jackets.

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