Double Spacer
For 4 Unit
with 4.6 x 5.2 Sq m
Double Spacer
By Parkplus

The double stacker Double Spacer 25/2 maintain the same characteristics of versatility and robustness of his little brother, Spacer 25/2 but is able to manage up to four cars per time. The system requires a pit that allows the removal of the cars on the lower platform, without moving the ones parked on the upper platform.

The Double Spacer 25/2 is a stand-alone duplicator platform. A series of technical innovations make it one of the highest qualities, safest platforms available worldwide for this market sector. This product can also be used in particular situations such as asymmetrical positioning of even just two cars on different platforms.
The four operating phase.
As seen in the pictures, the platform functions perfectly, even when the loads are out of balance as clearly seen above.
The photo of the structures connecting the platforms - both upper and lower - show its sturdy frame that guarantees safety. The galvanization finish is applied on both the top and underside of the platform, thus increasing quality and product life.
The surfaces of the platforms are perfectly smooth and so compact that no liquids can drip down from the overlying part.
The structure is repeated on the lower part of the underlying platform, thus ensuring that entire unit is sturdy.
The direct-operation lift piston is positioned to the side of the column, maintaining structural integrity without any holes which would weaken the structure.
The column is fixed to the wall with perforated L-shaped steel brackets that guarantee the utmost stability and safety.
The shoulder connected to the platform is fixed to the upper end of the piston shaft which allows it to slide along the column.
The torsion bar is composed of two sections secured in the center by a mechanical joint. The torsion bar system makes balancing the weight on the platforms unnecessary, distributing any uneven weight along the entire torsion bar and enabling the two pistons to work symmetrically so they cannot be thrown out of balance.
The photo shows the intermediate joint on the torsion bar.
The lower platform has a hatch to access to the lower level for controls and maintenance. The access is set in the center of the platform so that it is accessible even when vehicles are parked.
The hatch leading to the lower platform while open.
The unit has a system that mechanically blocks the platform floor, ensuring platform remains safely at the set level; it cuts in when the hydraulically operated piston emerges from the column.
The piston emerging from the column enters a special opening on the guide shoulder.
When the piston enters this opening, the shoulder — which had surpassed the piston itself by a few centimeters to facilitate insertion — drops down once more so that it rests on the opening.
At this point the entire hydraulic system can depressurise since the platform is mechanically locked at the level.
The machine operating assembly is quite compact and takes up little space and yet it still provides easy access for controls and maintenance.
The pushbutton control panel has an up button, a down button, a mushroom-shaped emergency button and activation keys. Moreover, the panel is supplied with illustration of the operations required to manage unit function.
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